[NEW IN] Victoria´s Secret Coconut Passion Body Spray & Body Wash

Victorias Secret Coconut Passion

Wow, where did the time go? 🤔
Our house has been upside down the last few weeks as we´ve been redecorating two of our upstairs bedrooms. (kids room + storage/new office).
I´m fairly ok because as a student my holiday is loooong, it´s not even over yet. It´s worse for my boyfriend as he has been spending ALL of his 4 weeks of holiday on redecorating.
He is simply amazing. 😍

We managed to squeeze in a mini-holiday by the sea last weekend and this weekend has been awesome as it´s been the annual Blues Festival in my home town. 🎤🎸

What have you been up to this summer?

Victorias Secret Coconut Passion Spray and Body Wash

Well, over to my "new" in products (it´s actually from a few weeks back).
My absolute favorite scent in the whole wide world is coconut - especially coconut mixed with a hint of vanilla. I always buy the body lotion and the spray at Victoria´s Secret when I´m out travelling and it usually lasts for a very long time (at least until my next trip when I re-stock).
But this time I went empty. Completely empty. And it was a disaster. I use this everyday, it´s one of my all time holy grail products - it´s just ME.

Then totally random, I came over this collection and another one at this weird little store that don´t carry big, normal brands at all.
Like sometimes they sell brand hair care like Redken and Wella, even though they´re not allowed. I don´t know where they get their products from, or what about the quality. But at least these products are totally fine!

I´ve never tried the body wash before and I do have body lotion left, so I decided to try out the body wash! Let me just say I did not get dissapointed. What a delicious scent😍

What are your favorite scents? Any special one from Victoria´s Secret?