Coffee talk

Good morning! 😊

I´m close to finishing this semester and I´ve finally found some time to blog again.
Today I´m going to visit my sister and 2 year old nephew, we´re going to a summer party at his preschool.

I´m torn wether to continue my Blogger blog, or to stay at this Squarespace platform. It´s so much easier at this platform!
The only difference will probably be the URL (I can´t decide on that one either), the content will be the same. I´ll also move my bloglovin followers to the one I´ll be sticking to (when I´ve made up my mind). I´m just such a indecisive person. 😅
I kinda feel the Blogger community is pretty much dead anyway, so what am I really missing by changing platforms..? The only "drawback" I can see is losing my "activity" from karlaloveslipstick on bloglovin if I change to this url, but there´s not much to lose there anyway.
I guess it comes down to choosing my url. I never really found that ONE name. Misskarla is simple, neutral, easy to remember - and it´s me. But it´s nothing special. 🤔

Oh well, I need to get on with my day. 😎

I was hoping to post a few posts before I leave. I´m thinking ootd, motd and perhaps a "what`s in my bag" post? I mean, I am actually doing something outside of the house today! 😉