Furniture Makeover ..on a budget! Display cabinet before & after.

I´ve wanted some new furniture in our livingroom for a long time, but it´s just not our top priority at the moment.
However I have been on the hunt for a cheap, second-hand cabinet that I can fix myself with some TLC and paint😊 A few weeks back I finally found one with the right price and here´s what I did and the result.

DIY Display Cabinet - Before

It was dirty, old and that typical 90´s style. It was painted in a ugly grey color and it was not painted very well either. Whatever, I was going to fix it anyway😄

Here I have already removed the old handles, the drawers and I´ve filled in a crack that was in the top corner.

I matted the whole thing down, cleaned it real good and then started painting it.

It needed two rounds of paint, and that was more than enough as I´m not a particular fan of painting things...😅
As I didn´t cover the glass I had a pretty big job afterwards scraping off all of the paint. I thought it would be easier, but since it´s old and the glass is so thin it wasn´t as easy as I remembered.

I used a little over 1 L of regular oil based paint with shiny finish.
(I´m not going to put any prices up as Norwegian prices are crazy and there´s so many different brands to choose from)

DIY Display Cabinet AFTER


The result was so much better than I imagined it to be!

My hubby helped me drilling new holes for the shell handles, and I had it out on our porch for a few days because of the smell of the paint.

I still haven´t filled it completely, and I haven´t really decided on what to keep in there either, but I am so satisfied! It did so much for our livingroom!

It was a quick, cheap solution - but it works so well and I´m not stressing as much anymore thinking about getting new furniture right away.

There are lights in it as well, and it looks so cute and gives such a cozy atmosphere in the evenings😊

These diamond/crystal drawer knobs are from eBay. I don´t remember the size, but they are 25 or 30 mm. You can get them in packs of 10 or 12 for approx. $6. Just do a quick search and they´ll show up right away. They come with a screw so they are supereasy to mount.

Diamond Door Knob

"Fågleboda" handles from IKEA, they come in packs of two. These are silver chrome and they look very nice on the white cabinet. You can get shell shaped handles on eBay as well for a lot cheaper, but they are also a lot smaller! I got very dissapointed when I received mine, so I went on and bought the ones from IKEA instead, and these are perfect.
You need two holes to mount this, my hubby helped me drill new holes as the ones that were already there were to small.

Shell Handles

It feels so good after you´ve done something like this, especially when you´re happy with the end result as well!
Even though it´s just an old basic cabinet, and the design isn´t excatly the way I want it to be, it´s cute and I´m pleased.

It´s not the first time I "DIY" something, and I have already some new plans to get done during summer!

Feel free to link me your DIY stuff, I´d love to see and get some inspiration!

What are your thoughts on "DIY"?

What was the last thing you made/renovated?