Beauty chores you should start doing (again) and why.

Do you forget about these beauty routines?

Even though I love beauty, makeup, skincare and all of the "work" that comes with it - sometimes the routines turnes into chores and it just feels very nice to skip them once in a while.
It feels time consuming to do them and when you´ve stopped, it´s hard to start doing them again.

I´m here to remind you that it´s worth it!

It´s worth it for the wellbeing of yourself, it´s worth it for the quality and health of your skin.
We all know that nice, clear and healthy skin equals happy life. Am I right?

Shave your legs every day.

All of these routines are usually things we do every day, and some of you might wonder why anyone would actually stop shaving their legs? I´ll take myself as an example; I got very little hairgrowth, and the little that I have - is blonde. So you can´t see it, or feel it. I am a person that can actually get away with not shaving my legs every day.. Unless I shave one day, and not the other. Then we´re talking full on hedgehog. So shaving my legs started to annoy me, and I just didn´t do it as often anymore (during winter that is).
Then one day I just thought to myself "why the hell do I not want supersoft and shiny legs every single day? WHAT is my problem?"
I could´t think of any, so I started the "routine" again, every day, in the shower, and now I´m back to normal life, where I always have soft and shiny legs - again. It is so worth it.

Remove your makeup.

I guess we´ve all been there. You are too tired, the bed is looking too comfy and the foam cleanser seems way too demanding.
I might get away with not shaving my legs as often, but I didn´t get the natural, clear skin, so skipping this step is like death to me. I simply cannot.
But I´ve been there sometimes, and I know there´s many out there skipping this step way too often!

Peel/exfoliate your body and face regularly.

This is such an important thing if you want that silky smooth, glowing skin! You should do this two or three times per week. Or more, if you use a milder peeling. You WILL see and feel a difference.

Put on a face or sheet mask once or twice a week.

Take care of your face. Give it that moisture it needs, the cleanse that it needs. Sit back and relax for a few minutes. 10-15 minutes can seem like a long time, but your face will thank you.
A tip is to choose for example Sunday/Monday, Wednesday and Friday for scrubbing/peeling, face masks and such. Make an actual routine.
If you use the right kind of masks tou can do your cleansing and put on toner before the mask. After you´ve washed the mask off, it´s time for serum or lotion. The sheet masks as awesome as you can use the excess liquid as a serum.

Remember to drink water.

Drink when you´re thirsty, and a little extra if you need it. Is your skin dry or dehydrated? Drink water. Some might see a difference on breakouts as well.

Pedicure. Paint. your. toenails.

My personal favorite it doing a french pedicure. I just feel so much better when my toes are cute. Or I´m not sure if toes can be cute. But I know they´re a lot cuter with a nice little french pedicure!

Use a hair mask.

Don´t forget about your hair. It´s the same as the skin. I believe healthy hair is the key to happiness. Not that I´d know, as I´m in the middle of growing out my dead-bleached hair. But I´m getting there. And the hairmasks are helping me. They will help you too, if you just remember to use them! Why not put it in while you´re in the shower, and let it work while you exfoliate? Voila!

Wear a scented bodylotion.

I´m a sucker for good smells.
Use a lotion that matches your perfume. Everythings smells so much better. My personal favorite is Victoria´s Secret Coconut Passion, a coconut and vanilla blend. There´s nothing quite like it. It simply smells like heaven. My skin, my clothes, my hair, everything smells nice!


So you´re not moisturizing? And you have dull and dry skin you say?
Well, start moisturizing! Again, this is key. Especially if you shave and exfoliate. You know why.

Wear sunscreen.

This is my biggest fail of them all. I´m so bad at this!
I don´t want to look like a shrunken raisin when I get older, still I suck at wearing sunscreen. I use tanning oils with (low) SPF all the time, and I have a lot of makeup with SPF. But really, it´s not enough.

These are some of the beauty routines I know are easy to skip once in a while, even though they´re basic and for most of us beautyaddicts, a must.