*All used up* My latest empties


Major crisis these days, all my heat protect sprays are finished and I won´t let myself spend any money on new ones. Oh well, I guess that´s what living tight is all about? For me at least it´s not forever😅

1. Matrix Turbo Dryer Blow Dry Spray.
I LOVE this spray. It smells like COCONUT and gives my hair a perfect silky smooth and straight finish.
It´s dries your hair quicker but it does not work like a heat protect spray.

2. Redken Satinwear 02 Prepping Blow Dry Lotion (heat protect).
One of my all-time favorite heat protect products. This is a lotion so it´s easy to evenly apply, it´s not sticky and it smells good.
It´s ranged as 02 so it doesn´t give you any hold, which I think is nice as my hair is so fine.

3. GHD Heat Protect Spray.
This is a new favorite for sure! In the beginning I didn´t like it at all. It felt like it made my hair sticky and had way too much hold. Also I thought it smelled like men´s cologne and I was about to get rid of it actually.
Then when all my other heat protector sprays finished, I had to use what I already had in my drawers and this came to the rescue. Now I think it smells AMAZING and makes my hair smell fresh all day.


I´m finishing a lot of my must-have makeup these days and I feel a little stressed because as I said before I am not going to be able to repurchase everything right away.
I guess finding forgotten gems in my stash is my next goal..!

1. Glo Minerals Pressed Mineral Foundation Powder - color: Honey Medium.
My current favorite foundation. This is simply amazing and it works so well with my skin.
It does not give me any breakouts, it covers more than well enough, it feels light on my skin and it applies easily.

2. Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder - color: 115.
My favorite powder for setting my undereye concealer. It gives me just what I want and I´ve hit the pan so many times. It´s a constant repurchase.
I have used it a little less now during summer as I find it caking a bit quickly when I don´t wear too much makeup (weird as it sounds).

3. Johnson´s Soft & Smooth Skin Nourishing (Baby) Powder
Another setting powder favorite. But more for overall face.
This is also just as much a hair and body product as makeup. Lately I have been using it more as a dry shampoo.
I find it working so much better than regular dry shampoo as it doesn´t give me that sticky, greasy, extremely dirty feeling when touching my hair.
This baby powder smells amazing and makes my hair super soft and all fresh-looking!


Are you familiar with any of these products?

What are your latest empties?