City/theme-park weekend with my family. *Gothenburg, Sweden*

Gothenburg, Sweden

Hubby, junior and I went on a little weekend-getaway this weekend, and it was amazing.
It felt so good to get away from home, even just for a little bit.
We don´t have any special vacation plans this summer as we´re focusing on other things this year (refurnishing etc.).

We went to Gothenburg in Sweden, it´s not too far away but the perfect destination for a weekend trip as we were bringing junior with us. "Liseberg" is a huge themepark and paradise for kids (and for certain grown-ups as well).

We left on Friday morning, the drive took us about 4 hours +/- and we started off relaxing at our hotel room before heading out for dinner. We stayed at Scandic Europa and the hotel was pretty central which was nice as we didn´t need a taxi for whenever we were heading out anywhere.

We didn´t get the memo of "Midsummers Eve" this weekend, which is something that the Swedes celebrate. All shops and restaurants were closed - to our dissapointment.
I had been looking forward to eat Italian, but the only restaurants that were open were the big chains, like Pizza Hut, Mc Donalds and so on. We went to Pizza Hut and don´t get me wrong, our pizza was DELICIOUS and it´s perfect for kids too😊

After a delicious dinner we headed back to our hotel, we sat down and relaxed a little bit before junior managed to get us into the hotel pool😅 It was a lot of fun though, and a nice end to our day.

On Saturday we had a great breakfast (I love hotel breakfasts💕) and we walked about 20-25 minutes to the theme park Liseberg. The sun was shining so it was a nice walk and start of the day.
We had a lot of fun aaall day, went on rollercoasters and ate at least 3 ice creams I think😳
My feet were hurting so bad at the end of the day, and they still do!

Mariestads Beer

On our way back we went through a park and sat down to cool down with a beer (and soda of course). I can´t describe how lovely this was. It was so warm, the sun was shining and we sat in the middle of this beautiful park at such a cute restaurant. It didn´t feel like we were only 4 hours away from home..😅

We wanted to have steak for dinner tonight and went back to freshen up and headed straight back out for some food right around the corner!

Later that night we sat down in our hotel and watched a Euros match⚽️

We went back home on Sunday after checking out and enjoyed a nice breakfast and some coffee. There were some terrible weather on the way home and I´m glad we were so lucky all weekend! Not a single drop of rain. 

We arrived home in the afternoon, and nothing felt better than the couch that night😊

I wish I had more photos though, I brought my camera with me all the time and took a lot of photos, but few of them came out alright and I also did a lot of filming as I want to edit a short video of our trip for personal memories. I guess I ended up focusing more on that than actual photos.. It always ends up like that with me!😅

What are your vacation plans this summer?