#BLOGtober 3rd [NEW IN] Blouses


A purchase from when I started school again after summer. There´s always a need for nice shirts and blouses to wear to school. I need options! It´s hard to make an effort to dress nicely when you get up at 4:30am - all I want to wear are hoodies and sweatpants.

This is really cute and makes a casual outfit look more dressed up right away.

Shortsleeve blouse, gives a more formal look and especially if paired with a blazer.

Kind of Indian, kind of hippie inspired flared longsleeve shirt. Can´t wait to wear this with some nice boots!

These shirts can easily be worn with basic jeans or a pair of black pants, a blazer or just a nice fall jacket. It doesn´t take me a lot of effort in the morning and it looks representable :)

I said I need options, but I can´t have too many and even though I plan my outfits the night before - I will probably end up changing 3 or 4 times before I´m satisfied. I´m hopeless with clothes:) What about you?