AM to PM routine TAG

Hi! I thought I´d do a fun TAG as I am drowning in school work lately and I can´t seem to find the time for blogging right now.
I don´t remember where I found this tag, but let me know if you´re doing it too!

Finals are coming up and I just have a couple of weeks left, eeek!
Who else are studying? Let me know :)


- What is your morning beauty routine?

I used to have the longest beauty routine both in the morning and evening.
Now I have the shortest. I seriously only clean my face with the Garnier Micellar Oil Cleansing Water. I also do shower and brush my teeth, but that´s a given, right?
And I ALWAYS moisturize!

- What´s for breakfast?

The toughest question of the whole day.
Not much, really. Usually just coffee. As black as it gets.
I usually don´t have lunch either.. but that´s not very healthy, so I´m not saying that.
I might add that I get up really early in the morning (4:30am), food is simply not on my mind.

However, on the weekends we usually make EGGS and BACON and we really enjoy life and the fact not having to get up early in the morning <3

- Coffee or tea?

I´m a coffee loving person. And I´d like that coffee black.
I do love the seasonal drinks at Starbucks (favorites are Pumpkin Spice Latte and Toffee Nut Latte for Christmas)
There´s nothing like a good cuppa tea though, so I do drink this quite frequently too.
English Breakfast with sugar and milk.

- How long does it take you to get out the door?

Depends where I´m going!
I usually need about an hour, I do manage to get done in 30 minutes if I need to, but I don´t handle stress really well - so I like to have my time!
No matter how long/short time I have, I´m rarely late (especially not if it´s something important) so I manage my time quite well.

- What is your go-to makeup look on a fuss-free morning?

I´ve gone a little more "natural" lately, meaning: very little eyeshadow and no liner (at all).
My go-to makeup look is a little dab of foundation to even out my skin-tone, some bright concealer for my under eyes and down the bridge of my nose, setting powder and some contour down my cheekbones and nose.
And brow gel.
That´s pretty much it!


- What is your evening beauty routine?

I remove my makeup (every last bit of it) and clean my face with the Garnier Micellar Oil Cleansing Water. 
Sometimes I use a toner or a night cream if I feel dry.

- Snack time! What´s in the bowl?

Salty crisps! I´ll take a bag of chips any day, I simply can´t get enough.

- How do you wind down and prepare for bed?

The hubs and I are usually zombied out on the sofa watching TV until we go upstairs and crawl into bed. Nothing special here I´m afraid..

- Cozy up! What are you wearing to sleep?

Now that winter´s coming I am constantly freezing and I usually wear fluffy socks and a cute PJ type tights and a long sleeved top for bed (reminds me I need to buy a new PJ as I am currently wearing my boyfriends t-shirts and ugly sweatpants..)

- What are some things you must do before hitting the hay?

Probably set the alarm? And kiss my hubs good night :)