St. Tropez Express Tanning Mousse

As some of us has already lost everything that can remind us the slightest of summer - I thought I´d share my favorite tanning product. It´s simply the best self tanner I know! 

To keep us tanned through fall!

I am absolutely loving this mousse, it develops quickly so you can actually shower it off after 1, 2 or 3 hours - all depending on how deep color you want. You don´t come out of the shower looking like a oompa loompa as it continues to work and develop for at least 8 hrs. So if you apply during the day and shower during the day, it won´t give you the finished color until the next morning. 
I find this both positive and negative, negative because it would be even better to get the finished color right away. Positive because I can shower off that nasty self tanning smell after as little as 1 hr!

St. Tropez Express Tanning Mousse

It gives such a beautiful tan. Apply with a tanning mitt and you won´t have a single streak or uneven patch.

It does smells amazing, but unfortunately it still has that nasty self tanner smell to it after applied to the skin... Does everyone struggle with this? Is it just me or can everyone smell it? Haha!

What is your favorite type/brand of self tanner?