New in! GHD V Classic Hair Straightener Kit

I was in need for a new hair straightener as my old one decided to die on me. It was a super sad day when it went away because the straightener that I had was simply amazing, it even had real swarovski crystals on it and it was a dream to use.

There´s nothing like a good quality hair straightener so I was super happy when I came across this offer. This kit has the same price as the straightener alone!

I love GHD straighteners and it is so much better for my hair than the cheap ones you can get everywhere... This is serious! There is a clear difference. 
What do you think?

GHD V Gold Classic Styler
GHD V Gold Classic Styler

I got the classic styler, paddle brush (sooo pretty!), two sectioning clips and a bottle of heat protectant.
I´ve tried the heat protectant a few times, but I don´t really know what to say about it yet.. I don´t think I´m a huge fan.

It smells a little like male perfume and my hair does not get soft at all... It might be the fine texture of my hair, just not making it suitable for me. 

The paddle brush is super nice and so good. Heat protectant or not, it was a pretty good deal!

The classic gold styler is suitable for all types of hair and lengths, which is nice for me because of my super thin/fine short natural hair, and for when I wear thick long extensions :)

It heats up in a matter of seconds, ready to use! You can´t choose how high or low you want the temperature, and that might be a con if you need to protect your hair a bit extra. I feel that is the only thing that annoys me with this. 

My hair is very damaged at the moment and I feel every time I use the heat styler I damage my hair more because of the high heat. I try to be careful with heat tools in general, but in the end it is not that simple to stay away! I am currently treating my hair with a lot of proteins and trying to not straighten my hair too often.

What type/brand of hair straightener do you use/is your favorite?