Weekend getaway with my hubby <3

My amazing boyfriend decided that we should go on a trip this weekend! We didn´t have any specific plans and just made them up as we went..=D

It´s not that we went places we´ve never been before or did something absolutely amazing, but it was the whole deal of just going away and do something else than we normally do during the weekends.

Old church

We went to a very nice cemetery and saw this old and beautiful church

Norwegian Holmenkollen

"Holmenkollen" The Olympic Ski Jump

Norwegian Frognerseteren

We had our dinner up here, at "Frognerseteren", that was amazing. that view over Oslo and the cute little cabins with grass roofs and ahh.. Love this scenery!

The Norwegian Queens Park

The Queens Park behind the Royal Palace.. So peaceful =)


Selfie with the ducks in the Queens Park =)

Norwegian Royal Palace

The Royal Palace =)


We ended our night going out and having some drinks! Had a lot of fun with my baby <3


What did you do this weekend? =)