Slippers or Hunters?

That was yesterdays big question! There has been a terrible weather here lately and I was wondering whether I had to wear my Hunters for school, or if I can take my new sandals!


I really wanted to wear my new sandals, so I was hoping for sun!


I was delighted when I peeked out of the window finding out there was no rain =) Even though there was some dark clouds in the sky I took the chance! I would be sitting inside all day at school anyway =)

Terrible weather!

On my way home on the other hand..... Gosh, couldn't even see the road at some point.. Thankfully it didn'tΒ΄last for very long and I got home safe..=)

Check my newest OOTD where I have my new sandals on!

I hate bad weather! I just hope we+re gonna have a nice Fall... IΒ΄m really looking forward to that now <3