As you could see in my other post I ended up wearing my new sandals!

It wasn´t raining, but it was chilly and grey so I felt like a nice big cosy sweater was in it´s place yesterday! I have to say it got pretty hot in class with 370+ other students in the same room though..buuuuut... I survived=)


What do you think of my sandals?

New sandals

At first I really, really, REALLY hated (HATED) these type of sandals. The Birkenstock trend, omg, I couldn´t cope with it - the ugliest thing on a pair of feet I had ever observed.

And I still feel that way! But these are not Birkenstock, and I think they look a lot more neat on the feet than what other sandals of this type do..

Oh well, I´m not really sure.. I just thought they looked cute =) 

What do you think of the "Birkenstock sandal trend"