Max Factor Colour Elixir Pristine Nude Lipgloss


I love this collection of glosses, they´re beautiful and very comfortable to wear.
They come in, I think, 9 different shades and claim to spare us from that gloss-stickiness! Which is fine by me, as I said - it´s so comfortable to wear so I think that´s spot on!

I absolutely love the packaging, it´s simple yet elegant and the lasting power of the gloss is pretty good too! As it feels more like a heavy balm than a gloss, it kind of just fades away unnoticeable.. I don´t get that OMG I NEED TO REAPPLY MY GLOSS or any cracked lips or whatever.. They just look natural and healthy moist when it fades away =)

The only con is that I feel they get a slight "bad smell" to them after a short while, but right out of the tube it has a nice "creamy" scent to it..

Max Factor Colour Elixir Pristine Nude Lipgloss

"Pristine Nude" is a delicate color by itself, but it really spices up your nude lip if you already have a coat of nude lipstick/lipliner on! 

I will definitely be getting more colors from this collection, I can´t wait =D


Have you tried any of these Max Factor glosses?
Do you have a favorite shade?