*BLOGtober 20th* BB Cream for Fall? Lancome Hydra Zen BB Cream


I bought this BB cream this summer and used it a lot when my skin was at it best (means: don´t need too much coverage).

As fall arrived and the air suddenly got crisp, harsh and cold - my skin broke out and I had a SERIOUS hard time coping with my life at this time (still do). It didn´t help that I catched a bad cold as well (wich always gives me breakouts) it lasted for several weeks and I hasn´t until now started to calm down. I still have acne coming out of nowhere and I do need to use self tan to even out my face colour so I am able to not wear a ton of makeup ALL THE FREAKING TIME just to be able to go outside the bedroom door. EVERY FALL/WINTER it´s the same😡

This is extremely damaging to my everyday life and my whole life right now evolves around treating my face, cleansing it right, not wear too much makeup, give it enough moisture YOU KNOW THE DRILL.

Then so to my point, THIS BB CREAM, holds a lot of moisture, and for the days that I don´t want to wear a full face with serious amounts of foundation - this is perfect. It gives me such a nice glowy base and with some powder or bronzer on top it kills the worst discoloration and evens out the best that it can.
It is slight too dark for me now as I am not tan at all anymore, but the darker the better coverage, so I just need to work on my tan so I can wear darker shades for my face😅

Have you tried this BB Cream? What do you think of it?