Bronzers that didn't "WOW" me.


Even for a makeupjunkie like me there´s a few products now and then that doesn´t end up being favorites.

Here´s a little list of the bronzers that didn´t really make it to the favorites-shelf:

The Body Shop Nature´s Minerals Bronzer:
This is way to orange for me. Also it is a loose powder so it gets everywhere.
It gets extremely messy and even though it gives a nice glow and it sparkles ever so pretty - it´s just too messy, too orange and not worth it.

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzing Powder:
It does actually smell a hint of chocolate and it is overall a nice matte bronzer. I don´t particulary dislike this bronzer, it´s just not one that I find myself grabbing for that often. And the color payoff is not that great. I´ve had it for YEARS and I still don´t use it (time to hit the thrash maybe) so that´s why it´s on this list. I never got the big hype about this bronzer.

Physicians Formula Bronzer with SPF20:
Boring, Boring. Boring.
I usually like this brand, and their products is nice to my skin and the colors match very well!
But if there´s a regular bronzer that should find it´s way on this list, it´s this. I never use it, and that should probably be reason enough?

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster:
I really want to love this bronzer! Just look at it!
It´s so adorable, and I am actually wondering why it´s on this list, but it´s the color, the application. I kinda love it, but not enough to be using it..
I might give this one another chance this summer. It is so pretty and maybe the color is more right as I´m a lot tanner this year.

Do you own any of these bronzers?
What are your least favorite one?