*BLOGtober 6th* Fall Fragrance - GUESS Seductive💕

GUESS Seductive Perfume

Guess Seductive - Eau de Toilette 50ml €55

I´ve asked at least three different persons what kind of perfume they´re wearing because they smell freaking amazing, and every time they´ve answered Guess Seductive. So my mind have been set on getting this perfume for a while. Of course they decided to stop selling them in store, so it made it quite difficult to find it - but eventually I found it, relatively affordable, online😊

Top notes:
Bergamot, black currant and pear.
Middle notes:
Jasmine, african orange flower and orris root.
Base notes:
Vanilla, olibanum and cashmere wood.

I love jasmine and vanilla, although I can´t really sense much jasmine on my skin with this fragrance. Maybe a tiny hint of vanilla, but not as much as I´d prefer.
The longevity is not "wow" to me, but then again I feel it is slightly heavy so I´d rather reapply throughout the day than feel sick of it after five minutes (I often react to strong scents, especially perfume, if I am not careful).
It does leave a really nice scent to all my clothes and scarves, which I like!

To me this is a warm, sensual scent. A little sexy as well perhaps. For me it is a perfect fragrance for fall. It is a deeper fragrance, but still fresh.

I usually get dissapointed when wearing perfume, as I think it smells so different on me than I would like it do do. I have yet to find that perfect one. That perfume that goes perfect with my body chemistry and skin. I usually wear clean vanilla sprays, alone or combined with something sweet coconut or a coconut/vanilla (Victorias´s Secret Coconut Passion omg) spray/bodylotion.
During summer I also love wearing jasmine, especially the jasmine oils/scents you can buy on the streets in Thailand💕
I also love Amber Romance from Victoria´s Secret, which is a warm, creamy, deep vanilla fragrance.

Last Christmas I bought Dior J´adore and sometimes combined it with some extra Jasmine, it is perfect! Again, I wish it did smell even better on me than I think it does.
Another example on my perfume struggles, I had a couple of years where Davidoff Cool Water Ice Fresh was freaking amazing on my skin, I SMELLED SO GOOD! But now.. I can´t wear it anymore as it simply doesn´t smell good on me. It´s lovely in the bottle, but it doesn´t work as soon as I put it on my skin.
Why is this? Is it my nose that changes or is it my body/skin?😅

I usually like Hugo Boss perfumes, I remember I had the Hugo XX (also has jasmine and amber in it) for a while and I got so many compliments! I might have to get that one again, too..😊

What are your favorite fragrance for Fall?
Do you have any recommendations for me? 😊