OOTD ~ Bohemian Blouse


I love this top, but I have yet to wear it a lot 🙈 I'm wearing shorts under even though it might be hard to see.  

It's so summery and the fabric is very comfortable.


Here's some similar options: 

OOTD ~ basic denim shorts & cami

I´m so happy that we finally got some nice, warm weather and the chance to dress like it as well. You know I´m a sucker for casual and this was no exception. But can you really ever go wrong with denim shorts and a cute pair of sandals?

My sandals are really inexpensive ones bought at Bata in Phuket, Thailand🇹🇭 January last year.
I wore them pretty much every day last summer, and they´re still going strong and looking just a cute. I always buy something from Bata when I´m travelling, I always find something nice there! And the prices are really nice as well.💸

The shorts are actually the exact same as in the widget belom. $20 from H&M, and they´re not my regular teeny weeny hotpants style either, so they´re actually suitable for more that just hanging around at home, too😜

My cardigan is from the European store New Yorker, and the cami is just a basic-basic😋

I bought the earrings before Christmas when I was at Gran Canaria, Spain.🇪🇸 I believe it was at Bershka. They´re just my style, I love them!

And finally; a nice bag to fit all my belongings😎

Last Night

Last night I went out to celebrate one of my girlfriends birthday!

The food was ah-mazing and I grabbed the opportunity of not driving there myself and had a glass of wine as well <3 


Had such a nice evening with the girls and I hope we can start doing it more often. Going out for dinner is definitely one of my fav things to do =)


Platform Pumps from Primark =)

Do you go out for dinner regularly?


As you could see in my other post I ended up wearing my new sandals!

It wasn´t raining, but it was chilly and grey so I felt like a nice big cosy sweater was in it´s place yesterday! I have to say it got pretty hot in class with 370+ other students in the same room though..buuuuut... I survived=)


What do you think of my sandals?

New sandals

At first I really, really, REALLY hated (HATED) these type of sandals. The Birkenstock trend, omg, I couldn´t cope with it - the ugliest thing on a pair of feet I had ever observed.

And I still feel that way! But these are not Birkenstock, and I think they look a lot more neat on the feet than what other sandals of this type do..

Oh well, I´m not really sure.. I just thought they looked cute =) 

What do you think of the "Birkenstock sandal trend"


Slippers or Hunters?

That was yesterdays big question! There has been a terrible weather here lately and I was wondering whether I had to wear my Hunters for school, or if I can take my new sandals!


I really wanted to wear my new sandals, so I was hoping for sun!


I was delighted when I peeked out of the window finding out there was no rain =) Even though there was some dark clouds in the sky I took the chance! I would be sitting inside all day at school anyway =)

Terrible weather!

On my way home on the other hand..... Gosh, couldn't even see the road at some point.. Thankfully it didn't´last for very long and I got home safe..=)

Check my newest OOTD where I have my new sandals on!

I hate bad weather! I just hope we+re gonna have a nice Fall... I´m really looking forward to that now <3

Hello Monday!


Back to school =)

Had an easy start to the new week today, and only one more day of school of the whole week! 

I´ve been consuming a lot of coffee and tried to get a grip on my class today, Business Administration/Economics.


I am now home baking myself in some selftan.. probably my LEAST favorite thing to do. I absolutely HATE the smell. 
But I feel so amazing afterwards when I have a tan <3

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Casual Saturday =)


Hi friends!

Woke up late and got breakfast served by my hubby, nothing is better than that <3


I´m going to visit my mum, dad and baby (aka my dog) today! 

I need to enjoy this last weekend before study time really starts. I still haven't got any of my books, so I can´t do any studying yet. Next weekend will probably be different! :O

Enjoy your day!