AM to PM routine TAG

Hi! I thought I´d do a fun TAG as I am drowning in school work lately and I can´t seem to find the time for blogging right now.
I don´t remember where I found this tag, but let me know if you´re doing it too!

Finals are coming up and I just have a couple of weeks left, eeek!
Who else are studying? Let me know :)


- What is your morning beauty routine?

I used to have the longest beauty routine both in the morning and evening.
Now I have the shortest. I seriously only clean my face with the Garnier Micellar Oil Cleansing Water. I also do shower and brush my teeth, but that´s a given, right?
And I ALWAYS moisturize!

- What´s for breakfast?

The toughest question of the whole day.
Not much, really. Usually just coffee. As black as it gets.
I usually don´t have lunch either.. but that´s not very healthy, so I´m not saying that.
I might add that I get up really early in the morning (4:30am), food is simply not on my mind.

However, on the weekends we usually make EGGS and BACON and we really enjoy life and the fact not having to get up early in the morning <3

- Coffee or tea?

I´m a coffee loving person. And I´d like that coffee black.
I do love the seasonal drinks at Starbucks (favorites are Pumpkin Spice Latte and Toffee Nut Latte for Christmas)
There´s nothing like a good cuppa tea though, so I do drink this quite frequently too.
English Breakfast with sugar and milk.

- How long does it take you to get out the door?

Depends where I´m going!
I usually need about an hour, I do manage to get done in 30 minutes if I need to, but I don´t handle stress really well - so I like to have my time!
No matter how long/short time I have, I´m rarely late (especially not if it´s something important) so I manage my time quite well.

- What is your go-to makeup look on a fuss-free morning?

I´ve gone a little more "natural" lately, meaning: very little eyeshadow and no liner (at all).
My go-to makeup look is a little dab of foundation to even out my skin-tone, some bright concealer for my under eyes and down the bridge of my nose, setting powder and some contour down my cheekbones and nose.
And brow gel.
That´s pretty much it!


- What is your evening beauty routine?

I remove my makeup (every last bit of it) and clean my face with the Garnier Micellar Oil Cleansing Water. 
Sometimes I use a toner or a night cream if I feel dry.

- Snack time! What´s in the bowl?

Salty crisps! I´ll take a bag of chips any day, I simply can´t get enough.

- How do you wind down and prepare for bed?

The hubs and I are usually zombied out on the sofa watching TV until we go upstairs and crawl into bed. Nothing special here I´m afraid..

- Cozy up! What are you wearing to sleep?

Now that winter´s coming I am constantly freezing and I usually wear fluffy socks and a cute PJ type tights and a long sleeved top for bed (reminds me I need to buy a new PJ as I am currently wearing my boyfriends t-shirts and ugly sweatpants..)

- What are some things you must do before hitting the hay?

Probably set the alarm? And kiss my hubs good night :)

#BLOGtober 18th - Natural Make-up of the Day

Makeup of the Day

It´s been a while since I posted a MOTD look. I got my reasons though, as I´m really busy with my midterms and I don´t really get out much - which means: I don´t do my make up very often anymore!

I´m going to share my go-to look lately and the products I´m using. It´s totally basic and very natural :)

Makeup of the Day

I used one of the lightest shades from the Soap & Glory shimmer powder as a highlighter base on my lips and topped it off with a clear lipgloss.

Makeup of the Day

Products used:

#BLOGtober 8th - My favorite TV-shows for fall

I am the biggest TV-show geek. I love a good TV-show and I have a really hard time when just picking out a few of my favorites.

I made it easier to choose by choosing shows after a "fall theme", which means what shows do I like watching during fall, what shows do I think about during fall, what shows get me in the right fall-state-of-mind and so on.

Let´s start off with something light

The Real Housewives of New Jersey


Yes, I am a Real Housewife fan. I love them all, especially OC and NJ - New Jersey ruling on the top.
I love the drama, I love their big houses, I love their accent, and it´s always Christmas or Fall over there. At least it seems that way;)
This is my guilty pleasure and my way of relaxing. I watch it on my laptop with earplugs and my hubby and kid can watch whatever they want on the TV and I don´t care;)

Another guilty pleasure of mine is the show below:

Mob Wives

mob wives

Mob Wives, similar drama/realityshow as TRH - just the way I like it!
These are women, wives, exes, sisters, cousins, aunts, even widows (you get the idea) of men connected to the mob ("according to the federal government").
It seems trashy at first, but as you get into it, you can´t stop even if you wanted to;)
And they always have the shiniest hair! What I would do for those Italian genes..
RIP to the hilarious Big Ang.



Ah Nashville, what can I say? If you´re a girl, or if you like catchy country songs (or not, it doesn´t matter) you really should have a look at this show! It is simply amazing.
Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere are two of my favorite actresses, I mean have you ever seen anything with them in it before? Love!
It has drama, it has good music, it makes me laugh, it makes me cry - hell, even sing!
Just notice how hilarious (and honest and talented) Ms. Panettiere (I mean Mrs. Klitschko) is.
It is the perfect show for cozy autumn evenings <3

This show makes me think back at another, old favorite! Where I first started to love Connie Britton:

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

Football is everything in Dillon, Texas and you should know I love a good American cliche like that.
Is it just me or does Fall in Texas look really nice?!
Connie Britton is amazing in this show and one of the reasons why I discovered Nashville.
This was a Fall show that aired from 2006-2011 and I will never forget it. I advise you to check it out if you haven´t seen it.

While we are down south let me mention this:

True Blood

True Blood

True Blood became an instant favorite of mine when it first started airing back in 2008. I was (still am) seriously fangirling over this show. It has simply everything, and a little more.
I mean; vampires, southern accents, hhhhot guys, humor, drama, and did I mention vampires and hot guys? COME ON.
This show is perfect to watch during Fall - get to it <3

Over to something completely different (but still in the south):

The Client List

The Client List

The Client List was a two season show that only survived a short year from 2012 to 2013. It was cancelled after the second season and left us all on the biggest cliffhanger in time.
I´ll copy paste the plot for you guys as it is too good:

"Samantha Horton a former Texas beauty queen and mother of three kids - struggles with financial difficulties and the threat of foreclosure on her home, after she loses her job and her former Texas football star husband loses his construction job due to a nagging knee injury. Sam desperately starts looking for a job and when she applies for one at a massage parlor, she discovers the masseuses who work there are actually prostitutes serving prominent members of society."

Also in the plot: runaway husband, new flame, a tiny little drug addiction, pregnant - you know, all the good stuff..;)

Such a shame that it was cancelled because I truly LOVED that show. I discovered it while browsing different shows to check out, and just randomly started watching it. It took me about a few minutes before I was hooked.
Kinda torn whether to recommend this or not, I mean, you should definitely watch it, but it HURTS so bad when it finishes after the second season:(

Aaaand we´re back to my favorite American Italian accent again:)

Laura in the Kitchen

Laura VItale - Laura in the Kitchen

Laura Vitale is a self-taught home-cook, she started off on YouTube and I think she now has her own cooking show on the Cooking Channel?
She is cute as a button and I always watch her Pumpkin Spice recipes during Fall!
You should too: Laura in the Kitchen

This is a heavy turnaround, I mean from happy cute recipes to X-Files:

The X-Files

The X-Files

Maybe one of my all time favorite shows EVER. I will never get tired of this.
It shouldn´t need any further explanation.
It is the ultimate Fall show and I´ve watched the episodes over and over again.
Have you checked out the new season?

Being such a huge X-Files fan led me to this show:


Fringe Tv Show

It´s nothing like the X-Files, but in some way it is I guess.
I love the actors and it is simply a really good show, making your head spin a little bit sometimes:)
I´ve saved the last season for years now, I don´t want it to end. I am kinda weird like that..

When we´re talking about all time favorites I should probably mention:

Sons of Anarchy


This show will forever be in my heart. Such a huge fan. Words cannot describe how much I love this show. I cried a little bit when it ended and I watched it several times since then. Nothing will ever compare. Kurt Sutter is a TV-show God. Perfect for dark, warm, fall evenings. I´m out.

There are so many shows to choose from (I already added 3 or 4 to my original list as I was writing..I´m hopeless..)
Hope you found some new inspiration if you´re looking for new shows to watch this Fall.

Are you a TV-show geek like me?
I would love to hear your favorites, so please share them with me!

#BLOGtober 7th - Soap & Glory Multi-Color Blush Bricks "Love at First Blush" & "Peach Party"

Soap & Glory Multi-Colour Blush Brick

Soap & Glory Shimmer Powders "Peach Party" and "Love at first Blush":


These two have been my go-to shimmer blushes all summer!
I might have reached for "Peach Party" a little more as I like the peachy golden/bronzy color more than the pink but both are definitely favorites of mine.

The Soap & Glory blushes are multi-colored shimmer powders, they´re shaped like a wheel which gives me an instant thought of the "Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights" (anyone else?).
However, I will say that Soap & Glory Peach Party and Love at first Blush contains a lot more shimmer, more like the "Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks" (just to make another dupe hint).

They are both smooth in formula and gives a nice color/shimmer payoff.
I love the color it gives when it´s mixed but I also tend to use each color alone a lot.
For example, to highlight my brow bone, down my nose, my cupid's bow. I even use this on my lips with either an oil base or a lipgloss on top.

A lot of the colors are nice as a shimmer base for eye makeup, and also to make your cheekbones pop.

Definitely a budget friendly shimmer product to check out!


Soap & Glory Multi-Color Blush Bricks "Love at First Blush" & "Peach Party"
Soap & Glory Multi-Color Blush Bricks Swatch

"Peach Party" to the left and "Love at first Blush" to the right

Used as a highlighter:

Soap & Glory Multi-Color Blush Bricks "Love at First Blush"

"Soap & Glory Love at First Blush"

love at first blush swatch
Soap & Glory Multi-Color Blush Bricks "Peach Party"

"Soap & Glory Peach Party"


Get them here (clickable images)

Have you tried any of these shimmer powders?

#BLOGtober 6th - Gerard Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick in *Serenity* Swatches and photos

Gerard Cosmetics Long Wear Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Serenity

The first Gerard Cosmetics product I´m going to show you is the Long Wear Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in the color "Serenity".

I love these types of formulas and did not get disappointed.
If you have tried liquid lipsticks from either Lime Crime or Kylie Jenner - the formula is pretty much the same.

It is easy to apply, it doesn´t feel sticky, heavy or dry on the lips. It lasts for hours and it has a nice hint of a sweet scent to it.

The color is a perfect fall color, still, I have yet to love it on myself.
I´ve seen so many pictures and swatches of it where it looks beautiful - I just didn´t get that same feeling when wearing myself.

It´s a shame really as it is such a wonderful matte liquid lipstick!

I will definitely try wearing it more during fall and perhaps check some of the other colors out. Again, the formula is amazing and I think the price tag is fine as well.

Have you tried this or do you want to?
What did you think of it?

Gerard Cosmetics Long Wear Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Serenity
Swatch of Gerard Cosmetics Long Wear Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Serenity
Gerard Cosmetics Serenity


#BLOGtober 5th - [NEW IN] Gerard Cosmetics lipstick, lip créme & liquid lipstick.

Gerard Cosmetics

I have been drooling over this brand "Gerard Cosmetics" ever since it got "insta-famous" and I have finally clicked a few products home!

The products are great, and not pricey at all! I did find it a little hard to choose which colors I wanted, so I basically just picked the ones I´ve seen looking HOT on Insta ;)

That resulted in some sort of disappointment (not unexpectedly) as not all the colors suit me that well.

Gerard Cosmetics

Stay tuned, as I will be posting reviews, pictures and swatches of each product :)

I purchased these from BeautyBay:

#BLOGtober 4th - Garnier Skin Active Micellar Oil-infused Cleansing Water

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil

I haven´t used products like this on my skin for years, I´ve steered clear of anything less than high-end brand skincare and my skin has gotten better - it just never stabilized and stayed that way.

I started using the first product in this line that came out, the Micellar Cleansing Water, it was a huge hype and I got it as well like "everybody else" :) It removed my makeup really well before getting into the actual cleansing with my regular products, instead of having to wash my face 5 times to be sure every last bit was gone. I liked it, but I didn´t like the feel it left my face and it didn´t have a very nice scent to it.

I still wanted to repurchase and by the time I did - this had made the shelves!
The Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil.
It looked so much more interesting than the regular type and I went straight home to try it!

What it says:

- Removes make-up
- Cleanses
- Soothes
- No rinsing
- Non-greasy finish

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil

I am on my second bottle of this now, and I don´t even know where to start? I am SO SATISFIED with this product!
First off it smells AMAZING (think The Body Shop honey/honey bronze collection).
The oil feels really good on my skin, just make sure to shake the bottle well before using!

I don´t know if it is my age, have I reached a certain point in my life that my body decided to end my skin problems? Or is it simply this cleanser? I know that 25-26 is an actual time where your body tends to stabilize, skin wise and hormonal, but was I supposed to feel it this hard?
I have NOT been good at exercising since April, I have not been eating well, I have been sitting inside studying for months, I am super stressed and I´m tired 24/7 - it doesn´t sound like a good thing for my skin - does it?

MY POINT IS ever since I started using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water in Oil, my skin has stabilized so much! I don´t get the same blemishes as I used too (except the usual time of the month, but they´re not as bad as they used to either).
My skin is far from perfect, and it will never be as I have large pores and uneven skintone - I guess my face will never look a 100% healthy. As sad as it is, I need to look at the positive side - that it is better than it used to be:)

I think I might have overstimulated my skin to some certain point before? I did everything "right" skin care wise, and as I said, my skin got better but never good.
Now I stopped using all the products I used to, Like; my skin has not been needing any moisture so I haven´t used lots of creams.
I simply remove my makeup in the evening with the Garnier Oil Cleanser and I do this until there´s nothing left. I wash my face lightly in the mornings and I cleanse again before applying my makeup.

As simple as it gets.

It felt SO WRONG in the beginning, putting this Garnier stuff on and NOT RINSING?!
But what felt so wrong, felt so good, because of how time-consuming cleansing your face is.
Honestly... I got a little lazy - and I just went with it for a few days!
As I saw results just after a few days, my skin felt better, it felt moisturized, I got a new glow, and my blemishes stopped popping up. I continued this routine, and I honestly believe it has made my life better!

Now I am on the search for a new (high end) skincare line that might fit my skins needs better than the one I used before. Maybe my skin and body HAVE changed this last year.
My plan is to introduce it little by little, as I am afraid of my skin purging. I don´t have time OR the psyche for that right now.
Because no matter how good this Garnier Oil Cleanser is, my skin has other needs too and I can´t stop using regular skin care forever, but I think it has been a good break and it amazed me so much I felt I had to talk about it! I´ve already snapped this to several of my friends, preaching about how good it is!


Have you tried this? What do you think about it?

#BLOGtober 3rd [NEW IN] Blouses


A purchase from when I started school again after summer. There´s always a need for nice shirts and blouses to wear to school. I need options! It´s hard to make an effort to dress nicely when you get up at 4:30am - all I want to wear are hoodies and sweatpants.

This is really cute and makes a casual outfit look more dressed up right away.

Shortsleeve blouse, gives a more formal look and especially if paired with a blazer.

Kind of Indian, kind of hippie inspired flared longsleeve shirt. Can´t wait to wear this with some nice boots!

These shirts can easily be worn with basic jeans or a pair of black pants, a blazer or just a nice fall jacket. It doesn´t take me a lot of effort in the morning and it looks representable :)

I said I need options, but I can´t have too many and even though I plan my outfits the night before - I will probably end up changing 3 or 4 times before I´m satisfied. I´m hopeless with clothes:) What about you?

#BLOGtober 2nd - bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream in Buttercream

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

I´ve had this tinted cream for a few months now, but it´s not until recently that I kind of "rediscovered" it.

bareMinerals is a brand that I´ve been using ever since it started selling their famous mineral powders, I´ve always liked their products and I´m always curious when they launch new ones.

This cream caught my eyes immediately and even though the price tag sat me off QUITE a bit, I knew I had to get it.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

I rarely get the color right when I swatch foundation products in stores.
Even with the help from the ones that work there, getting a return if the color doesn´t match when you get home, is not normal where I live.
I´ve lost count on how many bottles of wrong colored foundations I have in my collection.
But if I´m ever going for either the Oompa-Loompa or the geisha look - I´ve got it covered!

I ended up with the color "03 Buttercream", which blended perfectly with my skin tone in-store.
When I got home I was very frustrated and disappointed the first weeks as it does make me look a little pale, and even though it evens out my skin tone it does not cover my red spots.

It does not look good on blemishes at all, it makes them look more inflamed and I don´t feel using a lot of concealer with this tinted cream goes well together.

It is buildable to some point but does not have a lot of coverage.
On the other hand, it does have a very light feel and it makes me feel like I don´t wear any makeup - which is a good feeling!

It doesn´t oxidize which is good, I´ve had a few creams/foundations that do this and it is beyond annoying!

It definitely gives me a natural, fresh and dewy look. Not to mention a glowing look! Which is probably the best feature in my opinion.

It defintely feels a little sticky and it needs to be set with some kind of powder.

Oh how I wish I had that type of skin that could pull off using JUST this as an everyday foundation.

I believe this is the perfect base for those with perfect skin, with no red spots or scars that you want to cover.

I tried covering the red spots with bareMinerals concealer, but it does not mix well with the gel cream and it just did not look very good.
It made me look patchy and it kind of ruined the whole "fresh-faced-no-makeup-makeup-look".

A lot of people with dry skin are complaining about it, so perhaps this isn´t the greatest option for you.

I´m not sure where to land on this product! I can´t say for sure that I will be repurchasing it, but I will give it another go during this fall and see how it works out for me :)

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream (Sephora)

#BLOGtober 1st - Fall 2016 challenge


We´ve been blessed with the most amazing autumn weather this past month and I just feel so happy and motivated!
I´m buried in studies and I haven´t been able to enjoy it too much but I still love this time of the year.

I started the weekend off by cleaning the house and prepared for a family birthday party on Sunday.
On Saturday we went to a climbing activity park with different trails and zip lines.
That was SO much fun! I love spending time with my boys and it was such a perfect activity for the all three of us. We will definitely be going back there.

I plan on doing #BLOGtober this year, please let me know if you´re doing it too! I´d love to follow you :)

[NEW IN] Victoria´s Secret Coconut Passion Body Spray & Body Wash

Victorias Secret Coconut Passion

Wow, where did the time go? 🤔
Our house has been upside down the last few weeks as we´ve been redecorating two of our upstairs bedrooms. (kids room + storage/new office).
I´m fairly ok because as a student my holiday is loooong, it´s not even over yet. It´s worse for my boyfriend as he has been spending ALL of his 4 weeks of holiday on redecorating.
He is simply amazing. 😍

We managed to squeeze in a mini-holiday by the sea last weekend and this weekend has been awesome as it´s been the annual Blues Festival in my home town. 🎤🎸

What have you been up to this summer?

Victorias Secret Coconut Passion Spray and Body Wash

Well, over to my "new" in products (it´s actually from a few weeks back).
My absolute favorite scent in the whole wide world is coconut - especially coconut mixed with a hint of vanilla. I always buy the body lotion and the spray at Victoria´s Secret when I´m out travelling and it usually lasts for a very long time (at least until my next trip when I re-stock).
But this time I went empty. Completely empty. And it was a disaster. I use this everyday, it´s one of my all time holy grail products - it´s just ME.

Then totally random, I came over this collection and another one at this weird little store that don´t carry big, normal brands at all.
Like sometimes they sell brand hair care like Redken and Wella, even though they´re not allowed. I don´t know where they get their products from, or what about the quality. But at least these products are totally fine!

I´ve never tried the body wash before and I do have body lotion left, so I decided to try out the body wash! Let me just say I did not get dissapointed. What a delicious scent😍

What are your favorite scents? Any special one from Victoria´s Secret?

OOTD ~ Bohemian Blouse


I love this top, but I have yet to wear it a lot 🙈 I'm wearing shorts under even though it might be hard to see.  

It's so summery and the fabric is very comfortable.


Here's some similar options: 

[First Impression] NYX Micro Brow Pencil in the color Brunette

NYX Micro Brow Pencil

💜NYX micro brow pencil color: brunette💜

NYX Micro Brow Pencil has been on my wishlist ever since it launched, I didn´t manage to get my hands on it right away as it took quite some time until it got available in my region (like always)😒
By the time it was available I had started doing my brows a little different and I wasn´t as depending on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz as I used to be anymore.

I am a huge fan of ABH Brow Wiz and I have tried A LOT of similar products and dupes in the search of the perfect alternative as the pricetag is not suitable for me at the moment.
It hasn´t been easy and I ALWAYS end up back with my beloved Anastasia Brow Wiz.
Until now?🤔

NYX Micro Brow Pencil
NYX Micro Brow Pencil
NYX Micro Brow Pencil

I didn´t intend to make this a dupe post as I would love to make a separate one - it´s just not that easy keeping it a straight "first impression" without mentioning the fact that it is a really good dupe to one certain product. The similarities are simply too many (and they´re good as well) - but that´s all part of my actual first impression of the NYX Micro Brow Pencil.

My very first thought is (as I guess you´ve noticed) that it is in fact (not suprisingly) very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.

It comes in the same type of packaging and the whole design is pretty much the same, even the fonts used are similar.
But then again, how many ways can you design a retractable micro brow pencil a smart and delicate way?

I think we can conclude with the fact right away that the design is a dupe, and a good one too. The real question is: what about the quality?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that it doesn´t feel cheap! This was one of my biggest fears. I am always afraid to touch the lids of cheaper (dupe) products as this always seems to be their weakest point.
But these lids feels sturdy and not like it´s going to come off while in your makeup bag (imagine brunette brow pencil smeared all over) They make that satisfying *click* sound when you put the lids on and the only thing I notice is a tiny sqeaky sound when I twist up the pencil.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil
NYX Micro Brow Pencil

Another thing that´s usually a point of dissapointment is the spooly, they´re either too long, too soft or too damn hard (feels like you´re scraping your brows off, ouch) but this feels like surprisingly good quality and it boths blends and works so well!

The pencil tip doesn´t seem as sharp on the pictures as it was right out of the box because I started using it before snapping a photo (bad blogger, I know🙄) - but I promise, it was so nice and sharp in the beginning😍

Applying the product is easy, the color is nice and the color payoff is as expected.

I´ve used NYX MIcro Brow Pencil for a few days now after starting this post, and even though I do my brows a little lighter and more natural at the moment I feel it works very well. The tip makes it easy to sculpt my brows and filling them in. Blending is a dream with the spooly and I´m left with natural, not overworked brows.

It might go on a little lighter than certain other brow pens I´ve tried and it also might smear easier (not saying it actually smears, but if I have to point out a possibility for this, it felt like it could).

I have nothing to say on the staying power and this is a definitive repurchase for me!

I actually got pretty lost for words while looking at it and testing it out because I could not believe the quality it has compared to the price!

I´m not saying that I won´t ever buy ABH Brow Wiz again, but as long as my student economy is as it is - NYX will be more than good enough for $9.99 (about £7).

⬇️ get the nyx micro brow wiz here ⬇️

💜have you tried the nyx micro brow wiz?

💜What are your thoughts about it?

💜if not, Are you going to buy it?

Makeup of the Day ~ Light & natural makeup with Lancomé BB Cream

Lancome BB Cream Makeup

Hi everyone! How are you?
I´m still enjoying my vacation..😊
Here´s a FOTD I thought I´d share with you. It´s not airbrushed or edited out of this world, but I hope you like it😋
As a few other products lately, I recently rediscovered the Lancome Hydra Zen BB Cream. I fell in love with it again.

I have yet to find the perfect bb cream that fills all my needs, but I guess I´ll never be 100% satisfied with anything as long as I have small scars and blemishes that needs coverage anyway😒

Lately I´ve been so tired of wearing makeup, or actually - tired of the NEED to wear makeup.
Does anyone else feel like this too?
I´m so sick of it and therefore I´ve been reaching for more lighter foundations and powders lately. Lancome Hydra Zen BB Cream came to a rescue!

This look is so much more than JUST a bb cream and this is not what I consider a "no-makeup-makeup-look", but it´s still a lot lighter and more natural look for summer. I love a good bronzed look😄
Not a lot of contouring today, but a hint down my cheekbones and down each side of my nose.
The blush that I used is packed with shimmer and gives me such a nice overall highlight.

This Lancome Hydra Zen Bb cream is really good, it smells amazing and the formula is actually perfect.
So sad the color is just a little too dark for me even though I´m really tan at the moment!

I think there´s 5 or 6 colors in this range, but it´s a little different in Norway. There´s only 3 colours; named "light, medium and dark" and the naming and branding is a little different. But I believe the content is the excact same.
I wish I could find a color that is perfect for me!

I use the Sensai powder for setting and extra coverage, this is my favorite go to powder currently.

One more thing about this bb cream, it is so hydrating! Seriously! After a day of wearing this, my skin feels so hydrated and it looks so good when I remove my makeup! So unlike many other products I wear..


- Lancome Hydra Zen BB Cream in Medium $47
- Kanebo Sensai Total Finish Powder Foundation (refill £30)
- Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Under Eye Roller $12.99
- Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette $40
- Soap & Glory Peach Party Multi-Colour Blush Brick $15 / £9
- Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel $22
- Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Palette , color Stone for brows. (Limited Edition/not available)
- Mac Dazzleglass Sugarrimmed on lips $20
- eBay Eyelashes $1.86

*All used up* My latest empties


Major crisis these days, all my heat protect sprays are finished and I won´t let myself spend any money on new ones. Oh well, I guess that´s what living tight is all about? For me at least it´s not forever😅

1. Matrix Turbo Dryer Blow Dry Spray.
I LOVE this spray. It smells like COCONUT and gives my hair a perfect silky smooth and straight finish.
It´s dries your hair quicker but it does not work like a heat protect spray.

2. Redken Satinwear 02 Prepping Blow Dry Lotion (heat protect).
One of my all-time favorite heat protect products. This is a lotion so it´s easy to evenly apply, it´s not sticky and it smells good.
It´s ranged as 02 so it doesn´t give you any hold, which I think is nice as my hair is so fine.

3. GHD Heat Protect Spray.
This is a new favorite for sure! In the beginning I didn´t like it at all. It felt like it made my hair sticky and had way too much hold. Also I thought it smelled like men´s cologne and I was about to get rid of it actually.
Then when all my other heat protector sprays finished, I had to use what I already had in my drawers and this came to the rescue. Now I think it smells AMAZING and makes my hair smell fresh all day.


I´m finishing a lot of my must-have makeup these days and I feel a little stressed because as I said before I am not going to be able to repurchase everything right away.
I guess finding forgotten gems in my stash is my next goal..!

1. Glo Minerals Pressed Mineral Foundation Powder - color: Honey Medium.
My current favorite foundation. This is simply amazing and it works so well with my skin.
It does not give me any breakouts, it covers more than well enough, it feels light on my skin and it applies easily.

2. Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder - color: 115.
My favorite powder for setting my undereye concealer. It gives me just what I want and I´ve hit the pan so many times. It´s a constant repurchase.
I have used it a little less now during summer as I find it caking a bit quickly when I don´t wear too much makeup (weird as it sounds).

3. Johnson´s Soft & Smooth Skin Nourishing (Baby) Powder
Another setting powder favorite. But more for overall face.
This is also just as much a hair and body product as makeup. Lately I have been using it more as a dry shampoo.
I find it working so much better than regular dry shampoo as it doesn´t give me that sticky, greasy, extremely dirty feeling when touching my hair.
This baby powder smells amazing and makes my hair super soft and all fresh-looking!


Are you familiar with any of these products?

What are your latest empties?

City/theme-park weekend with my family. *Gothenburg, Sweden*

Gothenburg, Sweden

Hubby, junior and I went on a little weekend-getaway this weekend, and it was amazing.
It felt so good to get away from home, even just for a little bit.
We don´t have any special vacation plans this summer as we´re focusing on other things this year (refurnishing etc.).

We went to Gothenburg in Sweden, it´s not too far away but the perfect destination for a weekend trip as we were bringing junior with us. "Liseberg" is a huge themepark and paradise for kids (and for certain grown-ups as well).

We left on Friday morning, the drive took us about 4 hours +/- and we started off relaxing at our hotel room before heading out for dinner. We stayed at Scandic Europa and the hotel was pretty central which was nice as we didn´t need a taxi for whenever we were heading out anywhere.

We didn´t get the memo of "Midsummers Eve" this weekend, which is something that the Swedes celebrate. All shops and restaurants were closed - to our dissapointment.
I had been looking forward to eat Italian, but the only restaurants that were open were the big chains, like Pizza Hut, Mc Donalds and so on. We went to Pizza Hut and don´t get me wrong, our pizza was DELICIOUS and it´s perfect for kids too😊

After a delicious dinner we headed back to our hotel, we sat down and relaxed a little bit before junior managed to get us into the hotel pool😅 It was a lot of fun though, and a nice end to our day.

On Saturday we had a great breakfast (I love hotel breakfasts💕) and we walked about 20-25 minutes to the theme park Liseberg. The sun was shining so it was a nice walk and start of the day.
We had a lot of fun aaall day, went on rollercoasters and ate at least 3 ice creams I think😳
My feet were hurting so bad at the end of the day, and they still do!

Mariestads Beer

On our way back we went through a park and sat down to cool down with a beer (and soda of course). I can´t describe how lovely this was. It was so warm, the sun was shining and we sat in the middle of this beautiful park at such a cute restaurant. It didn´t feel like we were only 4 hours away from home..😅

We wanted to have steak for dinner tonight and went back to freshen up and headed straight back out for some food right around the corner!

Later that night we sat down in our hotel and watched a Euros match⚽️

We went back home on Sunday after checking out and enjoyed a nice breakfast and some coffee. There were some terrible weather on the way home and I´m glad we were so lucky all weekend! Not a single drop of rain. 

We arrived home in the afternoon, and nothing felt better than the couch that night😊

I wish I had more photos though, I brought my camera with me all the time and took a lot of photos, but few of them came out alright and I also did a lot of filming as I want to edit a short video of our trip for personal memories. I guess I ended up focusing more on that than actual photos.. It always ends up like that with me!😅

What are your vacation plans this summer?

Furniture Makeover ..on a budget! Display cabinet before & after.

Furniture Makeover ..on a budget! Display cabinet before & after.

I´ve wanted some new furniture in our livingroom for a long time, but it´s just not our top priority at the moment.
However I have been on the hunt for a cheap, second-hand cabinet that I can fix myself with some TLC and paint😊
A few weeks back I finally found one with the right price and here´s what I did and the result.

Keep on reading for a guide on how I renovated this old display cabinet to make it look new again!

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Bronzers that didn't "WOW" me.


Even for a makeupjunkie like me there´s a few products now and then that doesn´t end up being favorites.

Here´s a little list of the bronzers that didn´t really make it to the favorites-shelf:

The Body Shop Nature´s Minerals Bronzer:
This is way to orange for me. Also it is a loose powder so it gets everywhere.
It gets extremely messy and even though it gives a nice glow and it sparkles ever so pretty - it´s just too messy, too orange and not worth it.

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzing Powder:
It does actually smell a hint of chocolate and it is overall a nice matte bronzer. I don´t particulary dislike this bronzer, it´s just not one that I find myself grabbing for that often. And the color payoff is not that great. I´ve had it for YEARS and I still don´t use it (time to hit the thrash maybe) so that´s why it´s on this list. I never got the big hype about this bronzer.

Physicians Formula Bronzer with SPF20:
Boring, Boring. Boring.
I usually like this brand, and their products is nice to my skin and the colors match very well!
But if there´s a regular bronzer that should find it´s way on this list, it´s this. I never use it, and that should probably be reason enough?

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster:
I really want to love this bronzer! Just look at it!
It´s so adorable, and I am actually wondering why it´s on this list, but it´s the color, the application. I kinda love it, but not enough to be using it..
I might give this one another chance this summer. It is so pretty and maybe the color is more right as I´m a lot tanner this year.

Do you own any of these bronzers?
What are your least favorite one?

OOTD ~ basic denim shorts & cami

I´m so happy that we finally got some nice, warm weather and the chance to dress like it as well. You know I´m a sucker for casual and this was no exception. But can you really ever go wrong with denim shorts and a cute pair of sandals?

My sandals are really inexpensive ones bought at Bata in Phuket, Thailand🇹🇭 January last year.
I wore them pretty much every day last summer, and they´re still going strong and looking just a cute. I always buy something from Bata when I´m travelling, I always find something nice there! And the prices are really nice as well.💸

The shorts are actually the exact same as in the widget belom. $20 from H&M, and they´re not my regular teeny weeny hotpants style either, so they´re actually suitable for more that just hanging around at home, too😜

My cardigan is from the European store New Yorker, and the cami is just a basic-basic😋

I bought the earrings before Christmas when I was at Gran Canaria, Spain.🇪🇸 I believe it was at Bershka. They´re just my style, I love them!

And finally; a nice bag to fit all my belongings😎